Old Map

Procreate Brush Pack


Introducing the „Old Map” Procreate brush pack, designed to help you create stunning, vintage-style designs reminiscent of 16th century engraved maps and landscapes. This pack features a wide variety of brushes that enable you to create a range of textures, objects and line styles. You can easily create intricate and detailed designs with the different brushes that give the feel of engraved lines and textures. The pack contains a range of textures, such as criss-cross lines, cross hatches, dots and other line styles that can be used to create unique and intricate textures. These brushes also come in different thicknesses, enabling you to create a variety of line widths to match the specific elements you want to emphasize. In addition, the pack includes an assortment of object stamps, which can be used to create maps and landscapes with a vintage feel. These stamps include compasses, ships, buildings, and more. They provide an excellent starting point for your designs and help you add intricate details and elements to your work quickly and easily. Finally, the pack features a range of line brushes that can be used to create outlines, borders, and other elements with a vintage engraved feel. These brushes vary in thickness, style and texture, enabling you to choose the best one for the specific aspect of your work. With the Engraved Maps and Landscapes Procreate brush pack, you’ll have all the tools you need to create beautiful, vintage-style designs with ease. The pack is perfect for artists, illustrators, designers and anyone looking to add a touch of antique elegance to their work.


23 brushes:

  • 4 hand crafted line brush
  • 9 hand drawn stamp brush
  • 10 hand drawn texture brush


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created by Eszter Rékassy